Today's world is packed to the brim with noise and distractions. Whether it's two on a Sunday afternoon or four on a weekday morning, you'll likely hear some sort of commotion in the distance, particularly in urban areas. Therefore, finding an effective way to enhance your cognitive function and hearing health should be prioritized.

Cortexi is one such solution.

Created by Jonathan Miller, it's marketed as an all-natural, plant-based supplement designed to support auditory health. From tinnitus to hearing loss, Cortexi boasts many clinically tested ingredients that may rejuvenate your ears' capabilities. 

 Why Choose Cortexi 


Made In USA 

Our Cortexi supplement is formulated with pride in the United States of America.


GMP Certified

Certified in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice to guarantee pharmaceutical grade quality.


100% Natural

We take pride in stating that Cortexi capsules are all natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free.



I have been taking the tincture for a few weeks now. It tastes pretty good; no burning sensation or unpleasant aftertaste. I haven't noticed a change yet in mental clarity or cessation of ringing in my ears (somewhat mild to begin with). But I am committed to staying on it for the 2-3 months that is recommended. 



I cherish my peace above all else. Therefore, I understand the significance of maintaining the health of my ears. Knowing that by taking Cortexi, I am providing my hearing with these essential nutrients gives me peace of mind and helps me sleep better at night. I highly recommend giving this a try.



I initially tried Cortexi on the advice of a friend after experimenting with various other options. Let me tell you, nothing else on the market comes close to this. My mind is sharp three months in, and the mental fog has lifted!



Cortexi has worked wonders in supporting my hearing. As an audio engineer, safeguarding my ears against noise is essential. I recommend opting for the 6-bottle pack - it's the most valuable investment you'll ever make.

Quick Cortexi Overview

The dietary supplement contains a potent mix of active compounds like maca root, astragualus, and gymnema sylvestre to provide hearing improvements, tinnitus relief, and even mood-boosting benefits.

Found exclusively on Cortexi's official website, following the suggested dosage of one full dropper under your tongue every day before breakfast may offer repose from ongoing ear problems.

What Is Cortexi?

Cortexi is a natural dietary supplement that supports the hearing of men and women above the age of 30.

Available as an easy-to-consume liquid solution, its formula comprises 20 powerful, carefully selected ingredients that play vital roles in enhancing hearing and overall health.

It stands out in a pretty saturated marketed due to its unique formula that targets integral aspects of ear and brain function. Not to mention that's it's 100% plant-based, non-habit forming, and non-GMO.  

How Does Cortexi Work?

Cortexi works to improve healthy hearing in adults above 30 years old by facilitating optimal blood flow.

By decreasing inflammation and dilating blood vessels, the blood can flow freely to the inner ear, protecting from further damage, reducing any discomfort currently felt, and keeping the hair cells healthy.

Beyond the direct effects, the ingredients contain a variety of neuroprotective compounds and antioxidants which improve the coordination between your brain and ears. As a result, you may experience sharpened mental acuity, better moods, and boosted memory. 

Benefits of Cortexi

The individual ingredients have exceptional capabilities, and such properties are enhanced when they're combined, providing the following major benefits:

#1 Supports Healthy Hearing

The antioxidant-rich ingredients of the liquid dietary supplement protect your ear from further damage and can even relieve tinnitus or hearing loss you're already experiencing.
Moreover, it improves blood flow and circulation for optimal hearing and maintains your ear's hair cells. According to some sources, it may help to clear excessive ear wax build up for clearer sounds.

#2 Enhances Memory

While the main benefit of taking Cortexi is healthy hearing, the brains behind the supplement have ensured it supports cognitive function, too. As such, it helps retain healthy communication between your ears and brain, reducing mental fog and enhancing the clarity of your memories. Many users note marked memory recall improvements, too.

#3 Elevates Mood

Alongside the recall, clarity, and mental fog improvements, Cortexi is known to increase your energy levels and elevate your mood. Some suggest this may be due to the pain relieving effects associated with its anti-inflammatory properties. Regardless, it's certainly an extra upside that many may not expect since it appears so far removed from the product's main aim. 

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Day Money-Back Guarantee
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You will have the opportunity to test out the Cortexi for 60 days. If you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied, you can apply for a full refund.

Consider this a trial run in case the Cortexi supplement does not meet your expectations. If it doesn't work for you, you can request a refund.

Cortexi Ingredients

Cortexi contains 20 powerful ingredients. Below, you'll find detailed descriptions of the most important:

Grape Seed Extract

As the name suggests, grape seed extract comes from the seeds found in grapes. It's rich in antioxidants, particularly OPCs or oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, which are famed for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Since the inner ear is incredibly sensitive to blood flow changes, these capabilities can reduce inflammation and strengthen the blood vessels to soothe auditory issues.

Green Tea

Made from the leaves from Camellia sinensis, green tea was initially available only in China but has since found its way around the world. Unlike other teas, it isn't fermented, helping it retain its natural antioxidants. And it's this property that allows green tea to protect against hearing loss.

Noise-induced hearing loss happens when you're regularly exposed to loud sounds which damage the hair cells found in your inner ear. Some studies suggest the catechins in green tea protect these hair cells, minimizing the likelihood of losing your hearing due to clamorous noise exposure.

Moreover, green tea can also improve blood flow to your inner ear to further reduce the chances of developing tinnitus, hearing loss, and other auditory problems.

Gymnema Sylvestre
Native to parts of Africa and India, gymnema sylvestre has been used in traditional medicine to cure a plethora conditions.
While the precise reason behind this plant's ability to support hearing is properly understood yet, it's believed that gymnema sylvestre's antioxidant properties play a role.
After all, they're known to protect against free radical damage — something that can contribute to hearing loss.

Maca Root

Maca root is well-known in the natural supplement world for supporting energy levels and hormonal balance. By managing hormonal fluctuations, the ingredient may alleviate tinnitus symptoms linked to imbalances.
Not to mention that its adaptogenic properties can relieve stress — a must-have for overall health and well-being.


This ancient root is believed to support hearing health by enhancing blood flow to the inner ear (i.e., the section responsible for transforming sound waves into electrical signals that the brain can expound).
Reduced blood flow to this section of the ear can cause hearing loss. As such, many believe dilating the blood vessels by taking Astragualus will improve their auditory capabilities.

Capsicum Annum

Otherwise known as chili pepper, capsicum annum contains capsaicin, a compound boasting anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving abilities. By including this ingredient in Cortexi, the manufacturers are giving their supplement the potential to reduce inflammation in the ear, alleviating the discomfort associated with ear issues like tinnitus.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate, a variation of the mineral chromium, may stabilize blood sugar levels, particularly in those with diabetes. In fact, one study found that it lowered blood sugar and improved the body's response to insulin after 16 weeks of taking it daily!
But how does this relate to auditory health? Well, supporting glucose metabolism may contribute to maintaining overall circulatory health, thus indirectly supporting optimal ear function.

Panax Ginseng

This perennial plant native to Korea, Siberia, and China has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to enhance overall well-being. The herb holds active compounds, known as ginsenosides, which are said to be responsible for the health benefits.
Perhaps one of the most notable advantages of panax ginseng is its ability to improve blood flow to the ears, allowing your body to nourish the hair cells found in your inner ear to protect against hearing loss. 

Kindly note : Dietary supplements, like Cortexi, aren't approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, Cortexi is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, ensuring compliance with both safety regulations and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Cortexi? Not to worry, the following FAQ section should clear up any remaining queries. We've even recapped the basics of the supplement for your convenience!

As mentioned earlier, Cortexi is a natural dietary supplemented made by Jonathan Miller that supports the hearing health of both men and women above the age of 30 years old. It is a plant-based, non-GMO liquid solution, with a recommended daily dosage of one full dropper held under the tongue.

It works to improve your hearing and cognitive function by enhancing blood flow in your ears. The result? Blood can move freely to your inner ear, which protects against future damage, reduces present discomfort, and ensures your hair cells remain healthy. Plus, its antioxidant content betters communication between your ears and brain, sharpening your mental acuity, boosting your mood, and helping achieve ideal memory recall. 

Most Cortexi users start experiencing the results after the first week. However, anecdotes suggest you won't receive optimal results until you've used it consistently for around three months. Discounts are available for packages containing three or six bottles (i.e., a 90-day or 180-day supply respectively).

Absolutely! Cortexi comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with your purchase. You'll receive the money within 48 hours after the bottles arrive back at the manufacturer's address.

You can choose from three incredibly convenient options to cater your budget and needs:
• The 30-day supply is $69 per bottle. It's the most affordable choice if you're looking to try the product.
• The 90-day supply is $177 or $59 per bottle. If you're looking for longer-term use and great value, this is the package for you.
• The 180-day supply is $294 or $49 per bottle. This package offers exceptional per-bottle savings and boasts free shipping throughout the United States of America. 

All Cortexi orders are shipped straight to your home or office using well-known carriers like UPS or FedEx. Generally speaking, domestic orders arrive within five to ten days. You'll receive an email containing a tracking number to ensure you're aware of your package's location at all times.

Since it's a natural supplement, Cortexi is widely well-tolerated. The possibility of any side effects is small when sticking to the recommended dosage, but you might experience headaches, nausea, and similar minor impacts.
That said, you should always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any supplement regimen. This is particularly important if you have ongoing health conditions, are pregnant, or take prescription medication. 

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